Sunday, September 8, 2013

I am 28 and have encountered  physical contact with a sex worker in Philippines 2 months back. The very same day I started getting sore throat and slowly it aggravated by another 2 weeks. The physician prescribed antibiotics but it did not help.

I started getting sever wet cough that exactly same as whooping cough. I use to cough so frequently like every 10 minutes. After a week I consulted a physician and he prescribed Pentid 800 and sompraz. This gradaully reduced the frequency of the cough but the cough still remained but may be I cough for 3 - 4 times a day that resembles whooping cough.

I did a sputum culture and the result was as follows:



I also did a blood screening on 42nd of the exposure for ELISA HIV1/HIV2 and it came NEGATIVE.

I have consistently lost weight from 79.5Kg to 76kg in 2 months. On top of all I feel weak and numb and got 5 - 6 tiny acne kind of things on my cheeks.

The condom was used for intercourse however that female gave me a deep kiss for 3 - 4 seconds. I had a tiny cut in my tounge and she did not have any such cut in her mouth or tounge.

My questions are as follows;

1) I am Negative in ELISA test when tested on 42nd day but the weight keeps going down. What does it mean?

2) Is there high chances I have STI

3) KLEBSIELLA PNEUMONIAE is not a common organism found and it affects who already have immunocompromised situation and cant come all of a sudden just by  quick deep kiss. Then why my test should have this positive? Does the test may be incorrect because, the sample was mostly saliva and not sputum as I was not able to collect the sample from throat.

Pleas help to answer by quries. I am in extreme trauma and struggling hard to survive alive...Every second seems to be hell.


Sunday, September 8, 2013

First of all congratulations for your work!
I really need your advise. I am female and I had an unprotected experience (vaginal sex, he "came" in me) at the end of March. I had 2 blood tests (but I dont know if they were 3rd or 4th generation), one at 9 weeks post exposure and one at 12,5 weeks (88 days). Both negative (last test 0,11). The doctor in the lab said that I should stop thinking about it, but I am still worried. Since it will be 6 months after exposure in 2 weεks, should I go and re-test to be sure? How can I know that my immune system is ok and I am not one of the people, who seroconvert later (I mean after 3 months). Thank you in advance for your answer.

Friday, September 6, 2013

I had sexual encounter 14 years before.recently I have symtoms like lypodystrophy,skin darkening when exposed to even slight sun light(which was not before).premature whitening of hair( I am 36 years old and all my hairs are white).Skin itching with fine rash on chest,shoulder and neck.I would like to know if such symptoms can be due to HIV or any other STI.Please guide what should I do in this situation.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Im becoming very desperate about my situation I dont know what else to do, I had one high risk encounter unprotected receptive anal sex with a guy of unkown status as well as oral sex and i have swollen gums there was no ejaculation in either of the exposures and i have been so sick since then..i have gone thru weight loss, night sweats, joint pain, white hairy tongue, eczema, swollen lymph nodes, rashes, sore throath/infection, fever all these symptoms have been mild nothing to make me be in bed...the first symptoms started exactly 7 days after exposure and have been on and off since then..i tested at 10 days after exposure, then at 4, 6, and 8 weeks and the final test i took was at 12 weeks 5 days after exposure all of them negative but a week after my last test i came down with a fever again and sore throat im very very desperate i feel like there is no way out i cant trust my tests results, what if my immune system is compromised and is taking longer for antibodies to show up im very scared and dont know where to go for help i dont even wanna go to the dentist nor go out nothing..i will not have sex for a very long time until in a monogamous relationship and only if i keep HIV negative im absolutely going crazy i dont want to put anyone at risk and want to take care of myself...please guide me where to go or what to do

Friday, September 6, 2013

So many times i asked 1 year 2 months back i had done unprotected sex no physician giving good guidance 1) 3.5 month rapid test negative done by lab technician in diagnostic center 2)below are 6th month mark tests 3)HIV ELISA (0.23) i.e 0.9<1.0 negative 4)hbsag ELISA(0.14) 4)HCV ELISA (0.19) 5)syphills negative. 15 days back i got fever and cough after taking medicine it cured and my white bloodcells are increased and lymphocytes decreased now again i got cough, leg muscle pains Symptoms 1)i can't tolerate this situation 2)leg musclepains 3)cough 4)swelling inside stomach and around the neck please help me what happened to my life when will i become healthy

Saturday, September 7, 2013

I just took an HIV test at the Red Cross Clinic in Bangkok - 33 days after contact.
They told me I can take a test 14 days after contact. I was surprised because I always thought I had to wait at least 3 months. They said they have a modern testing technology. However - I went there and they took some blood - only 1 vial (suprise nr1 because normally they take 2) - I only had to wait for 1 hour until they told me about the test result - which was negative ( lucky me - i hope).
So - maybe you can answer my questions:
-What kind of test was this? 14 days minimum waiting time - only 1 hour until result!!?? 95% accuracy?
-How accurate is this test?
-There are normally different kinds of accuracy - is it more likely to be falsely negative or falsely positive so if I get a negative result what are the odds compared to positive results? I hope this questino is understandable :P

I also got some symptoms - i hope of course that they are caused by something else - maybe psychosomatic - I don't know:
1) skin rash on my back - I would really appreciate some information about this HIV - skin rash because I got a follikulitis which I can't get rid off - I hope it's just another rush of follikulitis which is really agressive this time maybe because of the heat - how to differentiate a follikulitis from an HIV rash.
2) My muscles and hinges from the waist downwarts are hurting and very sensitive - typical for HIV?
Are there symptoms which usually come together if they occur?

Sorry for my I hope not too stupid questions - I tried to find answers all over the internet but it's difficult to get answers because most of the time the doctors or experts only give answers like "just wait and take the test after 3 months because HIV has no symptoms" or "there are so many causes for this and that symptom"

Thanks in advance

Friday, September 6, 2013

So I got a HIV test done and std test on aug 29 my doctor called me sep 3 and said that everything came back negative. Internet to pick up my results today from the chart room, and everything said nonreactive, but my HIV test. It's said HPC only request. When I went to the lab to get my blood work done the tech told me, it usually takes 10 days to get the results and considering it was a holiday weekend would I get the HIV test back that fast and what does HPC only stand for. 

Thank you (:

Friday, September 6, 2013

hello , good afternoon. i have been quite concerned about a western blot indeterminate result that i got aprox. 6 months ago. with presence of GP160/120 AND p24 bands..

before that exam all my elisa tests where negative.. after that INDETERMINATE result. i did several test's to confirm this result in which are included.. 

2 elisa tests aprox. 2 months after that indeterminate W/B , i did them in different laboratories. result: NEGATIVE BOTH

1 W/B ( of course i needed to repeat it) , After aprox 3 months of the first W/B , ( aprox. 1 month after elisa´s) result: Negative: NO bands reactive. ( i did it in another laboratory)

And the last that i did, that was aprox. 1 month ago was a HIV-1 Proviral DNA Qualitative Detection by PCR with a NEGATIVE. result. i specifically did this test on this laboratory:

I did all this because of that W/B inderminate result, im much more calmed with the subsequence negative results, however there's sort of like a " nail" on my mind regarding the indeterminate result, can you please tell me why does this happen, i mean why and indeterminate and then a negativve result? this make looks the W/B Like a not so reliably test, and of course the main question . should i do more testing..? am i completly HIV FREE? thanks very much for your support and help on this webpage..

Saturday, September 7, 2013
I took an HIV test 5 months after exposure and it came back negative what are the possibities of the next test coming back positive ? Please help I'm very scared.

Saturday, September 7, 2013
Hi I got a tiny cut from a cuticle scissor and bled a little how accurate is a combo HIV test at 22 days from this inncodent can I relax? I'm pregnant and are about to deliver soon and I want to be sure that we are safe


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