Tuesday, April 23, 2013


I'm a 22 year old male from Brazil. I had a risky exposure 10 weeks ago (broken condom while being top with another man of unknown status). 10 days later I developed several symptons, like hash and muscle pains, which haven't ceased since. I have taken several tests, which include 2, 5 and 9 weeks 4th generation and a 5 week HIV1 PCR. How much do I need further testing? The guidelines here in the country are for a 2 month window, with a recommended 3 month retest in case of specialist concern. Also, PCR is not considered conclusive because of the risk of HIV2 (even tho there were not more than a few dozen of these confirmed here ever).


Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Last August I had unprotescted sex with a prostitute and 5 weeks later I had all the HIV signs at the same time.

That was my first and last time doing these things(mistake).

I have done 4 test so far all of them negative(4th generation).

6,12,14 weeks test and also test at 6 months.All negative.

But since I had unprotected sex with a sex worker and had all HIV signs and the right time I am still so much scared.

Do u think I need to get more tests d(pcr rna,dna)or I am HIV negative.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


How accurate would a negative DNA PCR result be while on PEP for three weeks after exposure?
Received brief unprotected fellatio from massage worker.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I am stuck in a very complicated situation and desperately need your guidance.

On 23rd February, I met a girl with whom I engaged in heavy french kissing, and suck her breasts and bit her nipples while fingering her vagina; at this point I was unaware of her status (HIV). I did not engage in full sexual intercourse (penis insertion). 

My concerns are as follows:

1. I have eczema on my fingers; what is the risk of contracting HIV from her vaginal fluids.
2. While deep french kissing, could i have had gotten infected.
3. my lips are cracked as well, which i am very scared about.

Once I realized the trouble I had gotten myself in to, I quickly requested the girl to take an HIV test (CIMA/ VDRL - TPPA) which she took and they both came out negative. But I am still concerned that she could have been in the window period although she said the last time she had sex was in 2009.

To further make myself comfortable, I went in for a PCR test at 28 days along with a HIV DUO Combi (i think P 24 Ag is also involved here) and they both thanks to God came back negative. 

I am not too sure on how the PCR test was handled because it took nearly 9 days to return with a result.

Please advise what else i need to do to rest my concerns, it is badly affecting my daily life. Do i need to wait for an additional 6 months and redo the tests to make sure.

Thank you,

Sunday, April 7, 2013


i am tested my blood on 16 march 2013for HIV-1 by PCR proviral dna test method. my wife is HIV positive. so my PCR result is not detected. my last sex expouser(sex with wife)on 7 jan 2013. my result is true? tell me plz


Sunday, April 7, 2013


Hi There,
I am a male who had a risky sexual encounter with a female sex worker seven weeks ago (8 tomorrow). I have had a full STI screen at 17days where the usual suspects were negative. I also had a PCR RNA test that came back negative. I still have sysmtoms of kidney pain, bladder pain and pain in my testes that led me to have another round of STI tests at 6 weeks, again negative but these symptoms persist. I have also had a standard blood test where everything was normal. Next step for these is a visit to a uralogist. A couple of days ago I developed a tenderness in my neck, predominantly on the right side below my jaw. I am convinced that this is a sign of seroconversion and am worried as you can imagine. I feel slightly ill, but this i think is anxiety, my appetite is fine and I don't have problems swallowing or have a fever, I think, certainly no nights chills / sweats. I intend to have another HIV test next week. Am I being paranoid, what are the chances of this being a sign of HIV?


Monday, April 1, 2013


Hello, I'm worried about an encounter I had with an African American prostitute.  While unclothed she straddled me and I felt the lips of her vagina over my scrotum and penis and I'm worried that being uncircumcised, I'm at a risk for vaginal fluid to make contact with the foreskin in addition to the urethra. I don't remember if the head of the penis touched the vagina and I'm terribly afraid of that.  But even so, I did not stick it in (there was no penetration). Yet I know the bottom typically has higher risk and she was rubbing on top of me... Also unclothed, I fingered her and then masturbated with the same hand right afterwards.  I've read some replies and see this is low-risk, but I'm worried that having foreskin would make this worse.  Well, finally she gave me oral (with a condom), I took it off properly so I know that was safe.  Am I at a significant risk? (a doctor from college said no, but I'm paranoid and a nervous wreck)

Anyways, it's been 3 days and 4 hours since.  Should I get a PCR RNA test 10 days afterwards, and then a PCR DNA test 15 days afterwards as in will these be accurate? Of course, I'll take the antibody tests at 1 month, 3 months afterwards.

Thanks and yeah...learned my lesson.

Thursday, April 4, 2013




Friday, March 29, 2013


Hello. I had a very low risk incident (handjob w/small cut on Penis shaft). I knew it was low risk but wanted to take a test to clear my mind. I feel it did the opposite. I went to Labcorp in California. I assume and am pretty sure they are very good and reputable. I took the DNA PCR and antibody test at 14 days after the incident. Both negative. I know the antibody may have been early but the PCR test should have been in the correct time frame. I am worried because I didn't notice the person taking a new needle. I am also very concerned because the blood draw was extremely slow, took a couple of min to fill 2 tubes.  Mine are usually very quick. They used a vacuum needle and tube. I don't know if it was my vain but I am assuming there was infected blood in the needle bore and that was affecting the speed of the draw, or the needle was used. IF there was infected blood in the needle bore would the PCR test notice that and would either test notice if the blood type was different? How much blood would there need to be? i assume not much because the needle goes in the vain! is there a big difference with the needle being drawn from the vain and a needle being injected in the vain( drug users). A week later I had pains both sides of my neck , ears, hip, underarm and behind my knees. Not sure if they are swollen lymph nodes since I don't think I ever had that, but this is just freaking me out. I also have had a burning sensation in my legs while I sleep. I feel by being safe and getting tested might have infected me which is making me crazy. Do you feel i should get tested again? Please help with answering my questions. Thank you so much!! 

Saturday, March 30, 2013

my question is about window period.. you people are telling testing after 3 months gives you conclusive result.. but there are some cases reported maximum of 1 year.. one person didn't test postive for 1 year itseems.. why it happened like that.. if 3 months is the conclusive result and if the person do an unprotected sex with there partner and later if he turned out to be positive then he infects his partner also.. then why it is recommened no more to test further.. and one more question will pcr dna test detect the viral load 100 % accurately.. if low amount of virus entered the body will it take long time to spread in the body.. will they take long window period for them.. and please there are soo many doubts regarding window period.. please tell me is there any new recent update about the window period.. also suggest any best test that can detect HIV.. is western blot more accurate or pcr dna.. also after 1 year if I do pcr dna test.. will it detect the viral load..


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