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Sunday, August 12, 2012


I had an unprotected sex with a sex worker (07-august-2012) who has a great chance for hiv+. she is also saying that she has a chance for that and she has frequent fever and illness for last 4 mounts.

I am going to do a gynocomastia surgery on 23 - august- 2012. before that i want to know weather i am infected with hiv or not. IS HIV & Proviral DNA PCR TEST can detect the hiv after 7 days?

the result will be available only after 10 days.

or which test can give an accurate result after 7 days of exposure.



Hello and thank you for using AIDS Vancouver as your source of HIV/AIDS related information.

Before addressing your concern, I would just like to note that the risk of acquiring HIV is not based on characteristics of an individual (age, gender, occupation, sexual preferences, etc), but rather the activities you engage in (unprotected anal/vaginal intercourse or sharing needles) that pose a risk for HIV transmission. Commercial sex workers (CSWs) often practice safer sex and get tested regularly, so please keep in mind that activities and not people are what pose a risk for HIV acquisition.

Symptoms of initial HIV infection mirror other infections (such as flu), and because there is no such thing as a “checklist of HIV symptoms” we can use to diagnose new HIV infections, we strongly discourage people to diagnose by looking at them- testing is the only way to know for sure & it’s great to hear that you are considering doing so.

The PCR test looks for the genetic material of the virus itself and it can be done 2-3 weeks of possible exposure.

So getting tested with PCR 7 days post possible exposure is a little bit too early.

It could possibly be accurate but further testing at/after 3 weeks might be a good idea.

If you absolutely would like to know your status before the surgery and 4th generation testing (sometimes called COMBO/DUO) is available to you, this test will give you accurate-enough result at 7 days.

This test looks for both antigens and antibodies, and this antigens can be detectable immediately (3-4 days) after infections and present for first few weeks.

But whatever test you decide to receive, please make sure to re-test again at 3 months (12 weeks/84 days) as World Health Organization and international guideline for HIV testing suggest that receiving a result at/after 3 months (12 weeks/84 days ) is conclusive.

Hopefully you find the information helpful.

If you have further questions/concerns, please feel free to call/email us.

Stay healthy and keep smiling

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