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Friday, February 24, 2012


I live in Dubai 

My case:

I have had an oral sex with a man of unknown HIV status (deep kissing, sucking each other and I rimmed him but no ejaculation inside the mouth neither anal sex).
That was on 5/1/2012 been dating him whole day till 8/1/2012 
One of the exposures I gave him a hand job using durex lubricant after he has ejaculated I caressed his semen by my hand when I went to wash my hand I realised I have hangnail on my thump It was not bleeding at all but I could see the red skin inside it as it was happened hours ago (I don't know when it has happened) it was sting when I went to wash my hand as if the semen was burning it ??!!

On 15/1/2012 I had mild sore throat the second day 16/1/2012 I had a mild fever at night I woke on 17/1/2012 very tired with sore throat I checked the temperature it was around 38.3c on 18/19-01/2012 I was checking the temperature it was around 37.3 and 37.6
On 20/01/2012 I woke up feeling no fever but the sore throat was still there and I felt tired in the afternoon and by legs were very tired I was not taking any medication till 20/01/2011
On 21/01/2012 i went to the hospital the doctor said you have flu symptoms and this because of the weather in Dubai these days he has prescribed antibiotic and panadol the antibiotic was ( named zinnat 500mg) I took one tablet at night I felt my skin itching me I went to the doctor second day and he changed it to Clarithromycin antibiotic I used it from 22/01 till 25/01 the situation improved but started my day on 24&25 with diarrhea it was too hard which made me worried more and on 25/01/2012 morning my throat started to sore again but i felt better in the evening today 26/01/2012 I feel better and didn't take the antibiotic only gargle till this moment everything is fine
I have not experienced any rash vomiting diarrhea I think only Because of medication nor sweating at night but I am still checking myself and I am so worried.


I went to the hospital and the doctor he took throat swap sample and after few days the result was group A streptococcus test done on 28/1/2012 and I got the result on 31/01/2012.
The doctor did a full check up and he prescribed the medication which worked fine till today 5/02/2012.

On 1/02/2012 I did HIV 1& 2 antibodies & HIV antigen p24 (Electrochemiluminescent immunoassay) ECLIA 
the result was negative.

My questions:

- The HIV test I have done was after 23days from exposure how accurate its and can I consider it conclusive ?
- Will it be the same result if I have done the test after 30days, 33days or later from exposure?
- Shall retest again?
- Is this the final result? 

Kindly help me many thanks



Hello there and thank you for using AIDS Vancouver from Dubai as your source of HIV/AIDS related information.

To pass HIV from person to person, HIV+ bodily fluids (blood, pre-come and semen, vaginal fluids, rectal secretions and brest milk) have to directly enter the bloodstream (typically through vagina, anus, urethra in the penis, other mucosal membrances, point to needle injection and open cuts and sores (in theory).

Although hangnails can be painful, they are not typically open, actively bleeding wounds and so no risk for HIV transmission. Redness around your finger does not increase risk of infection with HIV however so that cuts/sores can heal properly, we do recommend everyone wash around the area with soap and water regularly and keep the cut clean and dry as much as possible. If you suspect your cut/scrape/hangnail is not healing properly, it would be best to speak to a medical professional immediately.

Here is a breakdown of the risk associated with the activities you described:

·         Hand Jobs: no risk

·         Giving oral sex: low risk for HIV transmission (This is largely because saliva is not a bodily fluids that can pass HIV)

·         Receiving a oral sex:  negligible risk (this means that there is no reported case of HIV infection in this case. This is largely because contains an enzyme which actually inhibits HIV from entering the bloodstream)

It is great to hear you have gone for testing if you are concerned about this experience. The P24 antigen test is only accurate within first couple of weeks because once your body starts producing antibodies they are no longer detectable. With antibody tests, the window period is 4-12 weeks (3 months) with up to 95% of infection being detectable within 4-6 weeks.

So to answer you questions,

-          Receiving a result at 23 days with P24 antigen test is accurate but a follow-up test with give you more conclusive results.

-          Receiving a result at 30 or 33 days will likely the same knowing the encounter you have had was low risk if you have not had any recent high risk exposures (unprotected anal or vaginal sex or sharing needles) recently.

-          I still recommend you to re-test again at or after 3 months (12 weeks) period because you are sexually active & testing at 12 weeks is the guideline for HIV testing

-          A result at or after 3 months (12 weeks) will be conclusive.

It’s also great to hear that you spoke with a doctor regarding your symptoms. Because HIV is a viral infection, the symptoms can mirror other infections. And not all people experience them, so testing is the only way to know.

Hoefully you find the information helpful. If you have any other questions and/or concerns, please feel free to call or email us.


Stay healthy and keep smiling


AIDS Vancouver Helpline Volunteer


Phone (Mon-Fri 9-4pm): (604) 696-4666


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