2013 Holiday Grocery

Every December we provide groceries to over 800 people and their families in just one day! For some of our clients, this will be the only festive food they will receive during the holidays. Please help us provide for the children and families of people living with and affected by HIV.
Dear Donors of the 2013 Holiday Grocery,
Giving during the Christmas season feels particularly good. There is a soft glow around all the sharing and reaching out that happens. We call this the most wonderful time of the year at AIDS Vancouver with good reason.
The amount of response that we received to our call out for Grocery donations via the various media outlets was phenomenal. It was like watching a spark catch and then a lovely fire erupting. A wonderful fire of caring and affirmative community response. The success of this past year’s Holiday Grocery belongs to you as well. Thank you! More than I can say.
It’s a beautiful notion for me, the two way street that giving and receiving is. It is such a gift to give, as well as to receive. I watched people’s hearts grow on the giving and receiving end. I talked to so many of you on the phone. I got to look in a lot of people’s eyes and shake hands, when food was dropped off. I feel grateful for being able to witness how meaningful it was to all of our donors as well. 
This year you all gave me a beautiful gift, in being the bridge between your giving and our clients receiving. It was my absolute honor to hold that flame and keep it going. On a personal level, I would like to thank each and every one of you for that. 
Everybody wants to feel good. We often associate giving with being selfless but I think it can be more than one thing. Because there are things that we should give ourselves also. Extending love and support to people that need it feels good. We all need to receive and give love. Seems like a win-win to me. 
For the coming year, I very much look forward to exploring creative ways that we can get our clients what they need. Which is food, that is of the utmost use to them nutritionally. We’ve always done pretty good with the love and dignity aspect of the program. Now it’s time to increase the nutritional value of what we are offering. We’ve chosen quantity over quality and I’d like to shift that to quality AND quantity. I believe that we can do this. Together. We can do this!
All the very best for 2014!
Warmest Regards,
Heidi Morgan
Grocery Coordinator

Thank you to the following organizations and local businesses that contributed in-kind donations


Thank you to the following organizations and local businesses that organized food drives:

Additional thanks to the following organizations and local businesses for their generous donations:

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