Photo: flickr user welshkaren

There is nothing that I relish more than coming home on a cold night and cozying up under my blankets. I probably take it for granted that I’m privileged enough to not have to think about what it would be like if I didn’t have those kinds of basic necessities.

As the weather turns colder, for those in need of blankets it becomes a significant challenge to be without. Especially for those that are living outdoors.

That is why we were so grateful when Gregory Ould from Blanket BC stopped by today and dropped off some blankets that we can give to our clients.

Blanket BC offers warmth from the heart by distributing thousands of blankets every year. AIDS Vancouver got to know Greg and his team when they donated 300 blankets to our 2013 Holiday Grocery.

Thank you Blanket BC for all that you do!

Please consider donating blankets to help them further their mission of providing warmth from the heart.

For more information on Blanket BC and how to donate, please check out their website: http://www.blanketbc.org/about-us.html

Heidi Morgan


seeker of softness in the lapsing waves of beautiful chaos!