We're proud to announce that Beckman Coulter Life Sciences has made a donation of $2500 to support our Health Promotion Program! This generous donation comes at a important time for AIDS Vancouver, and shows a strong commitment to support the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Click here to download the press release from Beckman Coulter

From the release:

As part of their commitment to support the fight against HIV/AIDS, Beckman Coulter Life Sciences is making a donation of $2,500 (USD) to the AIDS Vancouver charity at the 2015 International AIDS Society (IAS) Conference, being held at the Vancouver Convention Centre on July 19-22, 2015 in Vancouver, Canada. The funds will go to the charity's Health Promotion Program.

The donation is being made on behalf of Beckman Coulter Life Sciences as part of their CARES (Cellular Accessible Retroviral Evaluation Systems) initiative in Africa. This focuses on providing innovative solutions for the monitoring of HIV and AIDS treatment.

Join both AIDS Vancouver and Beckman Coulter today at the IAS 2015 Conference for a special presentation, 3:30PM at booth 204.

Zdravko Cimbaljevic


International LGBTIQ+ Human Rights activist. Director of Development at @aidsvancouver. Former ExecutiveD of @lgbtfp in Montenegro. Rainbow Refugee Board Member