We are into our final week of Care and Compassion month, with some additional third party events happening in the summer and around World AIDS Day.

We have made some sizable jumps, both by staff and reported amounts thus far from third party partners. Please note, all totals have not been collected but reported!

There is still time to send that email, post on Facebook or LinkedIn! Once we get final numbers from partner third party events we will post everything thing.

  • The three day Ethical Bean events with supervised by Terry and volunteered on by the UBC students raised $648.40!
  • Numbers/Stoli event raised $403!
  • Banana Tans event raised $450
  • We have a reported total from our third party partners thus far in the amount of: $2592.04 with more events and money to come in the next week!
  • Staff have raised through donations and third party events close to $5000
  • We saw $1850 be reported and/or donated in this past week through staff initiatives!
  • Total raised or reported to be deposited thus far: $6785.94! I am hopeful we will hit $10,000!

Staff team event:

Team Might: Anoop, Margreth, John, Victor, Mark H, Michael, Mark G: $739
Team Red Ribbons: Jas, Laura B., Daniel, Jim, Brian, Val, Rob: $824
Team Persevere: Terry, Ilm, Casey, Selena, Joel, Rachel, Nico, Sixtine: $1818.10
Team Show me the Money: Mark M, Adeline, Elizabeth, Johnson, Pauline, Rebeca, Rebecca: $1640
Team 803: Zdravko, Laura I, Heidi, Shadi, Renaldo, Marcus, Zoharin: $10

Please remember: Any team member who donated personally $25 or more will receive their very own AIDS Vancouver t-shirt!

Great job everyone, not the $25,000 goal but still pretty good for our first year!!!