AIDS Vancouver at Langara's Sexual Health Fair

On both February 8th and March 20th, AIDS Vancouver attended Langara’s Sexual Health Fair. The fair featured the collaboration of Langara’s Nursing program with the BC Center For Excellence’s STOP team to offer Point of Care (POC) HIV testingd. POC HIV tests were administered by Langara Nursing students. AIDS Vancouver, as one of several community partners, fielded questions regarding STI’s, including HIV and discussed safer sex practices. AIDS Vancovuer spoke with both students and professors about proper condom use and how to assess personal risk when engaging in different sexual activities. AIDS Vancouver distrubuted a number of “safer sex” kits that include both a condom and water-based lubricant as well as safer sex tips insert. This was a great chance for volunteers from a number of different programs to work together. Special thanks to our Helpline, Educate to Empower, Care Teams and Boys R Us Volunteers!

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