Are you a lover or a fighter?

Are you a lover or a fighter?

Find out at the 24th Annual Vancouver Queer Film Festival, running August 16-26.

Films for lovers aim for the heart strings, while films for fighters focus on human rights and activism locally and globally. With 75 films from 16 countries, Vancouver’s second largest film festival has som​​ething for everyone. See spectacular Canadian premieres, take in community workshops, and join us for outrageous parties.

Tickets go on sale July 19. For tickets, parties, previews and more, visit

Join AIDS Vancouver for a screening of Mosquita Y Mari!

We're going to be on hand for the first screening of Mosquita Y Mari on August 17th @ 7pm! Check out the trailer on the film festival site, and be sure to stop by early to hear a bit about AIDS Vancouver!

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