Fall 2013 Volunteer Bulletin


The Helpline Program

By David Nixon | Helpline  Coordinator 

Today we want to spotlight the amazing work of one of our long serving volunteers. Yoshiko has worked with the AIDS Vancouver Helpline program for just shy of two years and has come to be a valued member of this diverse group. Yoshiko is of great support to me and the Helpline team.

Yoshiko has also participated in many other AIDS Vancouver promotions, including Prevention and Education services under both Tasha Reilly and Bambie Tait.

She has also served as a key volunteer with the Educate to Empower program under the supervision of Monica, our Community Engagement Supervisor.

Perhaps the best skill set that this hard working volunteer brings each and every day is her ability to be available to all who want to say hi and or just check in, while maintaining good boundaries.

Yoshiko enjoying herself at the 2013 Red Ribbon Reception.

Yoshiko is an excellent worker and welcomes all new volunteers with a professional and supportive style. She often steps up and will be the first to participate in any training opportunities offered from the agency.

Currently Yoshiko will be returning to Japan for a month to see her family and have a well deserved break from this intensive work. Yoshiko will also be returning to full time study this New Year and still has agreed to work in whatever capacity she can offer. Professionalism, calm voice, and outgoing personality are all excellent descriptions that are attributed to this wonderful compliment to AIDS Vancouver.

We are proud to know Yoshiko and our programs are better thanks to her involvement. We wish her the utmost success in all of her future endeavors and are thankful for the time she has given this agency.


The Grocery Program

By Heidi Morgan | Grocery Coordinator

The Grocery Program’s own volunteer, Ian Brannan, won a Silver medal in Power Lifting at the 2013 Special Olympics BC Summer Games.

He said of his experience, “Now I know that I can lift anything!”

Ian has been a dedicated volunteer in the Grocery program for 5 years. Year in and year out he comes and helps out weekly, and we are so appreciative of him. Way to go Ian! You’re a champ!


Fund Development

By Brett O’Reilly | Fund Development & Communications Coordinator

AIDS Vancouver’s Fund Development and Communications Department has seen significant changes under the direction of the new coordinator, Brett O’Reilly. AIDS Vancouver donation boxes now populate many businesses throughout Yaletown, downtown Davie Street and the West End, and have been welcomed by both establishment owners and patrons alike. A partnership with Ten Thousand Villages was successful in raising much-needed funds for AIDS Vancouver’s Grocery Program, and AIDS Vancouver’s social media (Twitter and Facebook) grows more every day. The 30 30 Campaign, 30th Anniversary Celebration, and Sixth Annual Celebrity Dim Sum were resounding successes, and the Red Ribbon Campaign and Red Ribbon Reception are taking place this month. None of this would have been half as successful were it not for the outstanding work of Fund Development & Communications’ outstanding volunteers, an invaluable asset to AIDS Vancouver’s fundraising and communications platforms.

Photo Left: Phillip & Joe
Photo Right: Brett O’Reilly, Fund Development & Communication


Peer Engagement Centre

By Brent Sawlor | Peer Engagement Coordinator

Since June 2013 the Peer Engagement Centre has been fully manned by volunteers with the Peer Engagement Coordinator as the staff person responsible. Twelve new volunteers have been trained to help fill the 16 available shifts. Having two volunteers per shift has fostered teamwork amongst the volunteers and helped to meet client needs. We have started expanding upon current programs and recently hosted an educational talk about Cannabis and Health, as well as the Downtown Eastside Kitchen Table Project, with more programs to follow. 

Volunteer Opportunities AIDS Vancouver Volunteer Resources Program Philosophy

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2013 Volunteer Recruitment Event

If you or anyone you know are interested in volunteering with AIDS Vancouver, please click here for a list of current volunteering opportunities, as well as our application process.

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