The Harvest Co-op brings fresh organics to AIDS Vancouver

The Harvest Co-op, a community initiative created by SFU students participating in the innovative SFU Literacy Lives program, will help those living with HIV affordably recieve monthly food orders of organic fruits and vegetables.

From the full article at the Tyee:

"People living with HIV need to have seven servings of fresh fruit and vegetables a day," Arzadon explains, "and this co-op can help them reach that goal. Everyone wants to be healthy."

Because members of Harvest will pay for the food they get, Nicholson told The Tyee, "this will help build our self worth and self esteem. But because we can buy in bulk from Discovery Organics, which has been very supportive, and pool our resources, the food is more affordable."

But it's about more than food, Arzadon says. "This project is about contact, dialogue and community building."

The Harvest Co-op will allow members to order and receive food once a month. It is currently open to memberships from people living with HIV, or affected by a loved one's HIV. Memberships are also available for people living with cancer.

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Original Story Credit: Tom Sandborn

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