A look back at the 4th Annual Celebrity Dim Sum

The 4th Annual Celebrity Dim Sum was a delicious success, raising nearly $16,000 to benefit AIDS Vancouver’s Asian Community Outreach Project!

Emceed by Fred Lee and Sophie Lui, the event included 18 local celebrities serving Dim Sum to a sold out crowd of 250 people. This delicious event was made possible by the leadership of Fred Lee, Sophie Lui and Food, Travel & Culture Journalist Stephanie Yuen. A special thank you goes out to Chef Wu and the staff of Sun Sui Wah Seafood Restaurant who provided the best 12 course meal in town!

The event boasted an impressive selection of silent auction items and a spirited 50/50 draw hosted by the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. The tasty affair was kicked off with a beautiful musical selection performed by the Renowned Chinese Instrumental group The Pentatonics! The Asian Community Outreach Project spoke to the history of the project and the work the importance of their ongoing work. Building on this, Fred Lee led the Dim Sum into a competitive and Fun Live Auction boasting priceless packages and serious competition. This special event would not have been complete without Sophie Lui bestowing a unique trophy for this year’s winner of the Chicken Feet Eating Contest, which brought everyone to their feet before all agreeing to come back next time.

This event, made possible by an army of staff, volunteers and a supportive community has quickly become Vancouver’s hottest morning event! We thank everyone for their generous donations, time and all the energy that continues to support this worthy cause. Be sure to check out our photos and make a plan to attend next year!

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