Deni Daviau, left, and Bradford McIntyre have been happily married and healthy for 10 years, despite the fact McIntyre is HIV-positive.

Study shows HIV proves no obstacle for couples

"We’ve come a long way"

A recent four year study conducted by The HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN 052) tracked 900 serodeiscordant couples, showing remarkably low rate of HIV transmission. Researchers recorded only a single case of transmission in that time, shining light on the incredible progress that has been made in treatment and prevention, and providing proof that HIV is no obstacle to long and loving relationships.

“We’ve come a long way,” said Dr. Réka Gustafson, the director of communicable-disease control at Vancouver Coast Health. “If one partner has an infection, you can manage it with treatment and go on to live a long, healthy life together. The biggest myth that exists is that HIV is a death sentence and you can’t prevent transmission.”

For Bradford McIntyre and his husband of 10 years Deni Daviau, the study illustrates what they've known for some time. McIntyre, Vice-Chair of the AIDS Vancouver Board of Directors,  has worked extensively to help spread awareness on his website Positively Positive, and has been HIV positive for 28 years.

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