Every year the AIDS Vancouver Grocery program helps 1,200 people living with HIV, with their nutrition by providing food to fill over 16,000 bags of groceries. The Grocery program also supports the nutrition of 238 children, some of whom are positive themselves.

December 16th, we offer a special Holiday Grocery, where we provide food for 800 people and their families. There are very few organizations that offer a special holiday dinner that people can prepare at home, or with their families.

Can you imagine trying to have a Christmas by bringing your children to a dinner shared with hundreds of strangers? Please picture that for a moment. Speaking as one of those children that needed to attend holidays in this way with my family, I don’t mind sharing with you that for a family unit, it is those small personal moments that make all the difference!

AIDS Vancouver has a Case Management team that provides socio-economical support to our clients. Also, a Helpline that provides information and support to callers about HIV and safer sex, a Community outreach team that works one on one with our clients to provide practical and social support, as well as an Education team that works to erase the stigma of HIV by educating the public.

We are fortunate enough to be able to take that journey with people through the highs and the lows and to offer support to so many amazing individuals.

Stephane was in two accidents that should have killed him; through the course of his treatment in hospital, he discovered that he was HIV positive. His world came crashing down around him. When he moved back to Vancouver in 2004 he had no resources or even a place to live. He was living in a cardboard box on Granville Street until one day, a man approached him and took him in and gave him a chance.

My late father, who was once a client of AIDS Vancouver taught me that one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself, is to be of whole hearted service to others. He was always looking for the good in people and helping them to feel good about themselves. My dad’s spirit lives on in me and continues to give me inspiration, as do people like Stephane.

For every $50 that is donated, we can provide one person with enough Groceries to have a festive meal and help to carry them through the Holidays. $200 provides for a family of 4. Please consider a whole hearted contribution to help our clients, like Stephane this holiday season.

With respect,

Heidi Morgan
Grocery Coordinator
AIDS Vancouver

Heidi Morgan


seeker of softness in the lapsing waves of beautiful chaos!