The Helpline is now open to serve you!

Available is our Online Helpline, where anyone can ask a question anonymously and have it answered by our knowledgeable volunteers. 

Our volunteers are not medical or counseling professionals, but they can provide you with information and referrals if you want to know more about:

  • How people become infected with HIV
  • Safer sex
  • Testing for HIV
  • How to find a doctor
  • Other AIDS organizations in your area
  • And much more...


The AIDS Vancouver Helpline is a volunteer-driven information, referral and support service related to HIV and sexual health. Volunteers are trained in HIV and sexual health information, and local resources and services. Volunteers are not doctors, nurses, or other licensed professionals. Volunteers do not give advice, and strive to provide service-users with adequate information and appropriate referrals.

Helpline volunteers uphold the agency’s confidentiality and privacy policies. Your forum posts are anonymous. We welcome you to use a pseudonym or “fake name” when using Helpline services.  We will not ask for or track your personal information. To ensure that the Helpline program is providing quality services, the Helpline Coordinator regularly monitors online content (forum posts). 

The Helpline Program should not be used in replacement of medical examination, diagnosis, advice counseling or follow-up care. We strongly recommend routine testing (HIV and STI tests) and discussing your healthcare directly with a physician.