2012 Holiday Grocery

Every December we provide groceries to over 800 people and their families in just one day! For some of our clients, this will be the only festive food they will receive during the holidays. Please help us provide for the children and families of people living with and affected by HIV.

Dear Friends,

We recently sent out a letter regarding making a donation to our Holiday Grocery Program.

Unfortunately, due to a significant error at Canada Post, many donations sent in the business reply envelopes that were enclosed in our mailing were not delivered to our post office box, but instead were either returned to sender, or have gone missing entirely. If you made a donation and have had your cheque returned, please accept our sincere apology. We are currently working with Canada Post to ensure this will not happen again.

If you wish to make a donation to our Holiday Grocery, you may do so online below (the green Donate Now button), or by mailing us directly at:

AIDS Vancouver
1107 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC V6B 5S8

We extend our sincere apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you.

Thank you for your continued support.

Brett O’Reilly
Fund Development & Communications Coordinator

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A Letter from Daniel Dex, Chair of the AIDS Vancouver Board of Directors

Dear Supporter,

A Tuesday in December. Jennifer walks into the AIDS Vancouver Grocery Program. Jennifer has a young boy, Michael, in tow. He is an exuberant child that has the precious hint of mischief ever evident on his shining face.  As soon as the computer volunteer who checks people in has his back turned, Michael climbs up into his seat and pretends to use the computer. Jennifer is his grandmother and she looks after him as well as his four siblings. Her demeanor shows nothing of the daily struggles I’m sure her and her family endure. I respect and admire her.

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A Letter from Heidi Morgan, AIDS Vancouver Grocery Coordinator

Dear Supporter,

As I walk around the Grocery space looking at the shelves, I hope we have enough cans of soup and other things we are offering, for everyone that comes to us looking for food. In
over 20 years of the Grocery’s operation, many coordinators have had the same hope. There is nothing worse than having to tell people that we have run out of the item they needed most. Sometimes it is milk, sometimes soup. Either way, it is a sad occasion when we have to say we don’t have enough for everyone. It happens.

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We would like to thank our sponsors for contributing to this year’s event:

Wholesale Club Diamond Delivery  
Abbott - A Promise for Life

AIDS Vancouver extends a very big thank you to Abbott Virology for their donation of 70 cases (1680 bottles!) of Ensure Cafe au lait to our Holiday Grocery! Thank you for your generous support!

The Facts of AIDS Vancouver’s Grocery Program

Our purpose is to support the dietary health of low-income people living with HIV and offer nutritionally-relevant food and support; to engage community through meaningful involvement and partnerships, in order to be a part of a sustainable food security solution. 

Program Established:  1990

Number of Dedicated Staff: 1

Number of Volunteers: 15

Number of Clients per month: 1,100-1,300

Operating Costs per month: $10,417.00 for food and delivery only

Age of Youngest Client: 4 years old

Age of Eldest Client: 74 years old

Grocery Hours: 1:00pm – 4:00 pm, two days a week, two weeks a month

2012 Holiday Grocery


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