Celebrity Dim Sum

AIDS Vanouver Dim Sum


 Check September 2016 Ninth Annual Celebrity Dim Sum


AIDS Vancouver is holding its Annual Celebrity Dim Sum every year at our new venue partner, The Four Seasons Hotel, and we’d love for you to be a part of it!

The Celebrity Dim Sum is a unique culinary experience where guests get to mingle with Vancouver and international celebrities while enjoying delicious Dim Sum. Pairs of “Famous Celebrity Guests”, with assistance from serving staff, serve carts of Dim Sum to our guests. Guests then have the opportunity to sit and chat with celebrities once they have finished their serving duties.

All proceeds from Celebrity Dim Sum fundraiser are going directly to our programs and services helping people effected with HIV/AIDS and their families.

We are expressing our big gratitude to all of you who come and contribute to this fundraiser, and to our partners and sponsors. With your endless support we are able to provide an unique services and experience to our clients. THANK YOU!

Check this year Ninth Annual Celebrity Dim Sum



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