Educate to Empower Promotion and Marketing Volunteer Position

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Department: Educate & Community Program

Supervisor: Education Coordinator


Our Education to Empower is one of the most sought after curriculum's in BC. We require volunteers who are interested in promoting, marketing this program so that we continue to secure workshops and seminars for our Education Facilitation Teams Ideal position for perspective development of Business, Fundraising, Marketing.


To assist AV Education Programming by Promoting, and Marketing our education programs which the intention of securing regular Workshops and Tabling events.


  • Ensure regular workshops are happening by promoting the program
  • Gather research on Organisations and data entry
  • Mail-outs
  • Workshop Promotion on Social Media and other platforms
  • Creating event materials
  • Other duties as needed

Skills & Attributes

  • Like working with diverse people
  • Comfortable working in public environments
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Comfortable speaking and engaging the public
  • Ability to work independently and with initiative
  • Interested in HIV/AIDS and related issues
  • Creatively minded
  • Available on weekends and evenings when needed.

Training & Support

  • AIDS Vancouver Agency Orientation & Education to Empower Training
  • Specialized program/project training
  • On the job orientation
  • On-going support and supervision from assigned Supervisor
  • Evaluations and letters of reference are available upon a volunteer's request
  • Planning around Reporting tools


  • To learn new and transferable skills, knowledge and experience in the area of Marketing and Promotions
  • Ideal for marketing and public relations skill development
  • Ideal for perspective Marketing and Business students
  • To engage in opportunities for leadership, community service and personal/professional development.
  • To be a part of a larger team or movement that is working towards social change.
  • To be recognized and appreciated for valuable contributions.

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