We have been receiving donations of high quality organic produce from a wonderful community partner


Pro Organics was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia in 1990. Since then Pro Organics has grown to become Canada’s premiere distributor of high quality certified organic fresh food featuring fresh produce, dairy, dried fruit, nuts, beans, grains, flour, and select grocery lines.

Back in December of 2014, Liz Sherpa of Pro Organics was alerted to our need to bring healthy food into the Grocery program. Pro Organics has generously been providing fresh organic produce ever since.

This story reminds me of the saying, “it takes a village”. It’s a beautiful expression of a few key pieces and people coming together to meet a need.

We have also had some wonderful volunteers (pictured below) who have been and are instrumental in getting this produce to us. 

Ian Wood was the first to agree to lovingly deliver this produce from Pro Organics to our office for over a year. Then Paul Wood (no relation) picked up the torch when Ian’s schedule shifted. Paul helped us until a shift in his life also occurred (life happens while we are making plans). Linda Robinson then came on board to do the deliveries. Week after Grocery week, we are able to offer our patrons an organic produce option. There is no way we would be able to afford to purchase items like this. We are so grateful for these wonderful donations.

We would love to transition all of the produce that we offer to organic. This will take some more help and more people coming together but I think we can do it. That is my hope for the near future.

So to Pro Organics, Ian, Paul and Linda: without words to adequately express our gratitude, I will simply say, thank you! Over and over and over.


With respect and love,

Heidi Morgan

Grocery Coordinator





Ian Wood at our Holiday Grocery in 2014


Paul Wood cruising in his car


Linda Robinson in Paris!  

Heidi Morgan


seeker of softness in the lapsing waves of beautiful chaos!