Support Programs aim to supplement - not replace - services provided by government and health agencies.

Support Programs aim to:

  • Reduce isolation and increase social, practical, and other supports
  • Improve quality of life and help manage illness progression
  • Increase nutritional knowledge and skills
  • Enhance capacity to live independently in the community

Community Outreach Team

Trained volunteers work alone or in teams to provide a combination of companionship, practical assistance and personal care to persons living with HIV/AIDS in their own homes. This can include sharing a walk or a cup of tea, assisting with meal preparation, groceries, light housekeeping or laundry. Community Outreach volunteers can also provide accompaniment to a doctor's appointment, run an errand to the pharmacy, help a participant to pack in preparation for a move, or provide respite with child minding.

How to access Support Programs

Support Programs are available to individuals living with HIV and registered with Client Services. To speak with someone about accessing these programs, please contact the Access Office (604-696-4676), or your Case Manager.

For more information, please contact the Support Programs Coordinator at 604-696-4691.


Support Programs at AIDS Vancouver can provide you with wonderful opportunities for you to enhance skills, build friendships, and actively participate in your community. Support Programs also allows you an opportunity to work with diverse populations who will benefit greatly from your unique contribution of energy, compassion, and talent.

For more information about offering your talents and time to the Community Outreach Team or the Grocery Program, see Volunteer to find contact information for our Volunteer Resources Program or to submit an application.