When December 01, 2017 at 6:00pm 3 hrs
Contact Brian Chittock [email protected] (604) 696 4655

World AIDS Day - December 1, 2017 - Red Ribbon Awards

World AIDS Day

Since 2013 AIDS Vancouver has presented the Red Ribbon Awards to individuals and organizations who have had a significant impact on HIV in Vancouver.

Past recipients of the Red Ribbon Award are:



Dr. Peter AIDS Foundation

Dr. Michael O’Shaughnessy

Maxine Davis

Dr. Julio Montaner

Oaktree Clinic

A Loving Spoonful



The Late Ron Alexander Slater

Dr. Michael Rekart

McLaren Housing Society

Michael Vonn

Alan Hebert

Marcie Summers



Ann Beaufoy

Dr. John Blatherwick

Jackie Haywood



Dr. Brian Willoughby

Gordon Price

May McQueen

Noah Stewart

The Late Bob Tivey



Dr. Phil Sestak

Irene Goldstone



Each year the past recipients of the Red Ribbon Awards nominates individuals and organizations to receive an award.

Please join us this year and lets acknowledge those who are always at the forefront of our communities and who contributed so much to HIV prevention and care in general.


Will you come?