BC is behind the other provinces when it comes to making long acting injectable HIV treatment available, and it’s the most vulnerable communities that are the most impacted by this lack of equity. People living with HIV and their doctors should be able to choose long acting injectable treatments as part of patient-centered and effective HIV care.

British Columbia has been a long-standing leader in HIV treatment here in Canada and around the globe. Treatment has progressed from the first days of multiple pills per day with limited effectiveness to single tablets. These innovations were made here in British Columbia, with thanks to people living with HIV and the BC Centre of Excellence in HIV/AIDS.

The newest innovation in HIV treatment is here: a single dose of medication can last for up to two months. This type of treatment comes in an injectable form, and is often called long acting injectable HIV treatment. People in our communities have been waiting for this for years, hoping for a new way to take their lifesaving medication without concerns about privacy, stigma, or missing a dose. We hear from Indigenous people, people living with HIV since childhood, and refugees and newcomers from Sub-Saharan Africa who continue to ask about when this important innovation will be available to them. And to us, it doesn't make sense that's not yet the case - especially when access has been figured out in other parts of the country.

The long acting injectable HIV treatments available now are just the beginning. Over time, we expect that treatment may require just two injections per year, and that these long acting injections will also be an option to help prevent HIV. We also know that long-acting, injectable PrEP will be approved for use in Canada in the foreseeable future.

Right now, BC is behind on making this injectable option a reality for people living with HIV. We are all losing because of it. Please add your voice and write the Minister of Health and your local MLA today.

Who we are:

As one of the first AIDS service organizations in Canada, AIDS Vancouver has long been involved in ensuring all people living with HIV have information about, and access to, the newest developments in HIV treatment and care. We are grateful that today, these developments include injectable treatment options, and look forward to seeing this choice available in our province, too. 

Together with our community partners, Afro-Canadian Positive Network, Community-Based Research Centre, Health Initiative for Men, Vancouver Island Persons Living With HIV/AIDS Society, and YouthCO, AIDS Vancouver is looking to make injectable HIV treatment available to all people living with HIV in BC as soon as possible.

This campaign is hosted by AIDS Vancouver. We will protect your privacy, and keep you informed about this campaign.